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Photo by drweisgerber

Welcome to our new site at XBackPain.com. We design our site and content especially for those of you who suffer from nagging back pain due to sitting long hours in front of a computer, at a desk, or behind the wheel of a car or truck.

Our objective is to be your resource to help you find relief from your lower back pain. Our videos, articles, photos and graphics will help you better understand specific contributing causes of back pain, including static postures, muscle imbalances, sedentary lifestyles, and weakness in general.
Back pain might as well be considered as an epidemic in the 21st century. It is increasingly common in most industrial populations. And it tends to be a chronic problem with those that suffer from it because it never seems to go away.

One reason for this is our modern society and all our conveniences that make life easier.  Our technology lets us do more things, but, it has also stopped us from moving. And, for the majority of us, that’s where the problem starts.

Because of long hours at work, on the commute, and in front of the TV, we have stopped moving. We have stopped walking. We have stopped stretching.

The results are accumulated bad habits in posture and movements. In addition, our busy lifestyles force us to focus on everything outside of us and not on what’s inside of us.  Because of this we tend to put the little aches and pains, the little twinges here and there, in the back of our minds to attend to at a later date. The problem is this: That date never comes. It always gets pushed further and further to the back until something snaps and we end up in the doctor’s office.

Most people don’t know that simply moving can alleviate or simply prevent getting back pain from sitting down all day or a sedentary lifestyle.  Helping you understand what to do and how to do it is the objective of xbackpain.com.

Make sure to bookmark our website and return for more information on how to treat your lower back pain and  learn simple and enjoyable ways to increase your daily level of activity and improve the quality of your life.