Sitting IS that bad for you… Regardless What “They” Say is a lot of scientific evidence (and more than enough common sense) that points to the problems that prolonged sitting causes.

As one of my anatomy professors used to say, “the body was made to move” and not sit. Nothing in nature is static for 3/4 of their waking hours.

And, deep down inside, everyone knows that if their not moving, they’re gaining weight or getting weak or both.

But now, we’re beginning to see articles and “research” being printed and promoted that is suggesting that “sitting is not all that bad”.

You have to wonder who is paying for this research and why. On one hand, the public health and medical communities are up in arms about the toll that chronic disease is taking on, not only the public at large, but the world’s health systems also.

Then on the other hand, you have researchers writing articles that essentially tell people it’s alright if they sit and get fat. I know, I know, they are going to say something like “we are not saying people shouldn’t exercise or eat bad”.

But let’s face it, we look for any excuse to avoid exertion or activity directed at staying healthy. Well, these so-called researchers just gave you a reason to say “no” to that next walk.

Here’s some of what they are selling:

The popular maxim that ‘sitting is the new smoking’ has caused many to claim that sedentary lifestyles are not only killing us but that it ‘kills more people than HIV’ does. But new research shows that there is a complexity of factors that determine the impact of sitting on human health and that it’s not all determined by the hours perched on your bottom.

Sitting is not actually ‘the new smoking’ because there is a varied difference between TV sitting time and other sitting behaviors, a new study from the University of Sydney claims. read more at

To be fair, the article did cite opposing studies and quote fitness and rehab professionals that give credence to the common sense understanding that too much time on your butt is not healthy and can cause more problems for you down the rode.

There are always going to be opposing views about most research studies out there. But no one should surrender what their gut and common sense tells them about their own health to the fickleness of nebulous research that may or may not be biased in one way or another.

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